Urban gardening with herbs in NYC.

Urban gardening with herbs in NYC.

Citizen Grower Was Started to Solve a Problem

The Problem


It is difficult to grow herbs and edibles in the City. You love beautiful, healthy plants but HOW do you grow them? You might live in an apartment without outdoor space or you might not have large windows OR you might not know exactly how to grow plants.

The Solution

You don't have to do it yourself. Citizen Grower will grow WITH you and help with an herb container, balcony planter or backyard garden bed along with instructions that help to make your plants thrive. You choose the herb/ornamental/flower plants you want, select the container and have a successful garden! 

Where do we sell. Right now we are selling at events and will have products online in the spring of 2019.

Lauren Gill, gardener

Lauren Gill is an enthusiastic gardener in New York City. She started Citizen Grower to offer planters and garden design & maintenance for 4 seasons of options in backyards, balconies and roof gardens. She also sells handmade and sustainable planters and interesting seasonal plants at retail events.

Currently, Lauren designs and maintains perennial, hardy gardens through Citizen Grower, her gardening business based at Industry City where she occasionally offers garden workshops for all ages. Before that, Lauren designed and grew a vegetable, herbs and flower garden at a historic house in The Bronx for seven years. She also built and maintained a Manhattan school garden with other volunteers and programmed workshops for the students. Lauren initiated local composting efforts for jack o'lanterns after halloween (now city-wide). She also gardens for fun and food in the back yard of her apartment building in Manhattan and received a horticulture certificate from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.